Humanitarian convoy to arrive on Wednesday, media reports say

A convoy of trucks with the humanitarian aid from Russia will arrive to the border with Ukraine on Wednesday, August 13, in the first half of the day, RIA Novosti reported citing a source familiar with the situation.
“The convoy has stretched for more than three kilometers, it is accompanied by fuellers and technical trailing,” the source said.
According to him, during the movement the convoy will make halts with rest period and overnight stay.
The convoy of trucks is delivering to the residents of Ukraine’s eastern regions about 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid collected by Muscovites and residents of Moscow region. The goods include: food, including 400 tons of cereals, 100 tons of sugar, 62 tons of baby food, as well as 54 tons of medical equipment and medicines, 12,000 sleeping bags and 69 power plants of various capacities.

12.08.2014 12:12

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