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Head of Russian Red Cross calls Putin’s ‘convoys’ invasion of Ukraine

Russia violates the norms of the international humanitarian law by providing “humanitarian convoys” of the Russian Emergencies Ministry to the areas in Donbas occupied by Russian soldiers and militants.
Head of the Moscow branch of the Russian Red Cross Igor Trunov told this to Ukrinform.
“Ten convoys were absolutely truly regarded [the West and the Ukrainian authorities consider Russian “humanitarian convoys” delivered to the areas in Donbas occupied by pro-Russian militants as illegal]. I do not want to accuse our structures and our state. I am a law-abiding citizen of Russia. But there is the international law. What is the Ministry of Emergency Situations? It is a paramilitary structure of the Russian state. How could the paramilitary structure appear on the territory of another state? No matter what country – a self-proclaimed state or Ukraine, it is a foreign state, it is not Russia. How has it [the paramilitary structure] got there? Is it a subject of international humanitarian law? No. Is it regulated by any convention? No. Then what is it? It’s an invasion, a violation, this cannot be done,” he said

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