Handover of bodies of probably tortured and killed Ukraine soldiers at Svitlodarsk Duha – details

Bodies of the Ukrainian troops earlier killed in the fighting with the militants at the Svitlodarsk Arc, taken from the enemy by the civil and military cooperation group, have undergone primary coroner examination, according to an activist Oleksandr Surkov.

”There are no signs of torture and abuse; death was caused by gunshot wounds,” Surkov wrote on Facebook citing the negotiators of handover.

”Information came from those who are not trained to lie, those who directly negotiated and secured the whole process. The officers, whom I`ve know personally since 2014. Unfortunately, they strictly forbid to specify their names,” he wrote.

The volunteer said the bodies would be transferred to the city of Dnipro for a full-fledged examination.

”Shooters of fake news Hai and Kabakaev, had they wanted to really understand the situation, would have needed to go there themselves and figure things out rather than demand to appoint commissions.”

”It`s easy to get there, believe me… I would even provide them with transportation,” he said.

Earlier, an activist and coordinator of StopTerror project Mr Kabakaev stated that three Ukrainian troops were tortured and killed in militant captivity at the Svitlodarsk Arc near the strategic railway hub of Debaltseve in Donetsk region.

”A tragic situation at Svitlodarsk Arc. Three of our guys are gone. Two of them were out in the field, and they were taken away either by local militants or Russian mercenaries – it`s not yet clear. The soldiers were wounded. They were videotaped and [the video was] handed over to our side, as confirmation that they were being held by the enemy…” the activist wrote on Facebook.

He added that the exchange had failed as the enemy did not want it and the Ukrainian side found no one to negotiate with.

“They [militants] all consider themselves commanders, and it was impossible to find someone to take up responsibility for ceasing fire. Then they were transferred to Debaltseve, abused and tortured and eventually killed them. Brutal images showing torture and dead bodies was immediately sent to us a confirmation that they were KIA,” wrote Kabakaev.

He noted that another Ukrainian soldier, who had reportedly been missing, was also killed.

”The third one allegedly went missing. We filed a request and it turned out that according to their data, he was held captive, but we found no confirmation of this information. A few hours ago, the third one was returned. Several shots to the head,” said the activist.

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