Guerrilla group kills over 100 militants in Donetsk region

A guerrilla group operating in Donetsk region has cleared the region of 110 militants over the past two days, the press center for the anti-terrorist operation has reported.
“On December 1, in cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, soldiers of the guerrilla group killed about 50 militants at a farm in the area of Staromykhailivka. On the next day, they played a cruel joke with the ‘great warriors of Russkiy Mir’ by reducing their number by ten more people. On the same day, continuing to ‘play’ with terrorists and in close cooperation with the Ukrainian military in the area of Petrivka, guerrillas killed 50 more militants,” reads the statement.
According to the anti-terrorist operation headquarters, over the past 24 hours the artillery of the anti-terrorist operation forces has launched 45 fire strikes to eliminate the firing positions of mercenaries.

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