Great Britain will train Ukrainian judges to conduct war crime trials for Russian troops

UK Attorney General Victoria Prentis noted on December 14, 2022, that Great Britain would provide training for 90 Ukrainian judges to further conduct trials involving Russia’s war crimes during the war against Ukraine.

Source: UK Attorney General Victoria Prentis

“It would ensure perpetrators of atrocities can – at an unprecedented scale – be prosecuted while the conflict goes on,” UK Attorney General Victoria Prentis reported on the training of Ukrainian judges.

The first group of Ukrainian judges visited the sessions in a secret place last week. All will be trained in the coming months.

Britain also finances this program. London allocated 2.5 million pounds for it.

“Ukraine is managing with all the difficulties that we know are going on in the country at the moment, with things like power and organizing courts, to try war crimes. These 90 judges will go back after some really intensive training, able better to run those courts,” said UK Attorney General Victoria Prentis.

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