Great Britain promises even more defence support to Ukraine in 2023

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain assured of the unchanging support of Ukraine in the fight against the Russian army in 2023. The Ministry wrote this on Twitter on January 9, 2023.

Source: The Ministry of Defence of Great Britain

“Our commitment to Ukraine remains steadfast and we will match or exceed last year’s military support in 2023,” noted the Ministry of Defence of Great Britain.

The Ministry of Defence added that more than 200 armoured vehicles have already been provided to Ukraine, including Stormer armed with Starstreak, Husky, Wolfhound, Spartan, Mastiff and M113 missiles.

Earlier Sky News, with reference to sources, reported that the British authorities were considering the possibility of sending Challenger 2 – the main battle tanks of the British ground forces to Ukraine. Until now, Ukraine’s partners were afraid to hand over heavy Western-made tanks – they say, Russia may perceive it as an escalation.

In addition, last week, the US, France and Germany announced plans to send infantry fighting vehicles to the Ukrainian army.

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