Great Britain intends to become a leader in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, – The UK Minister of Foreign Affairs

Next year, Great Britain will hold a conference dedicated to the restoration of Ukraine. Also, London intends to become a leader in the recovery of the post-war Ukrainian economy.

Source: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain Elizabeth Truss

Great Britain says it is working with Ukraine and other countries to hold a conference on the recovery of the country next year. Members of the British government also intend to join an oversight board to help coordinate recovery efforts by Ukraine and its allies. The office of the coordination centre will be opened in London.

“We are the leader in supporting Ukraine during the war and will continue to be the leader in supporting the country’s recovery and development plan,” said British Foreign Minister Elizabeth Truss.

According to her, the restoration of Ukraine after Russia’s aggressive war will be a symbol of the power of democracy over autocracy. The concerted investment should show Russian President Vladimir Putin that his efforts to destroy Ukraine have only created a strong and prosperous nation.

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