Government submits list of sponsors of terrorists to NSDC

The Ukrainian government is initiating the introduction of sanctions against 172 citizens of Russia and other countries and 65 legal entities.
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said this after a government meeting on Friday, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine submits for consideration by the National Security and Defense Council a list of 172 individuals-citizens of Russia and other countries who finance terrorism, supported the annexation of Crimea and encroach on the territorial integrity and independence of the Ukrainian state. The list of 65 legal entities mainly owned by Russia or Russian residents who finance terrorism and are directly related to crimes committed on Ukrainian territory is also submitted for the introduction of sanctions,” he said.
Yatseniuk said that the Cabinet of Ministers had also drafted and submits to parliament a draft law on sanctions, according to which decisions on the introduction of sanctions are made by the National Security and Defense Council under a motion from the government, the president, the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Bank of Ukraine.
At the request of journalists to name several persons put on the sanctions list, Yatseniuk said: “As for the list of persons, at this stage it has been prepared, justified and can be made public under the decision of the National Security and Defense Council.”
He added that lists of persons subject to sanctions are usually not published in most countries.

08.08.2014 15:41

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