Government forces block channel of supplies of arms and mercenaries from Russia to Donetsk

The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces have blocked Russian supplies of arms and mercenaries to Donetsk through the H21 highway.
Head of the Center for Military and Political Studies Dmytro Tymchuk reported this on his Facebook page.
“The lack of resources for the organization of defense in the Shakhtarsk-Torez-Snizhne area became critical for DPR, which helps the ATO forces block a group of militants in these areas (this task is currently being fulfilled, and attempts by militants to bring reinforcements to the area were blocked). And most importantly, this allowed the ATO forces to cut the H21 highway, through the enemy’s group near Donetsk had a link with LPR and through which arms and mercenaries were supplied from Russia,” he said.

13.08.2014 10:38

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