Germany fears that Ukraine will use German tanks to invade Russia

Members of the German government fear that Ukrainian troops may invade Russian territory because of the euphoria after several victories.

Source: Members of the German government

Sources close to the government say there is concern that Ukraine could become overconfident if it experiences a string of battlefield victories and rolls into Russian territory – which would mean that German tanks would once again be inside Russia.

The publication states that Berlin believes that there is no need to prepare armored vehicles for delivery. Germany is focusing on the United States and believes that if the United States decides to send armored vehicles to Ukraine, it will take several months to prepare for sending German Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

According to the information, Germany is not doing everything possible to help Ukraine so as not to provoke the beginning of the Third World War. Germany’s maximum assistance to Ukraine would mean its entry into this war against Russia and would threaten to escalate – up to World War III.

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