Gazprom purchases largest gas storage of Western Europe

The largest underground gas storage (UGS) in Western Europe, located in Reden, Germany, a small town in Lower Saxony, will become, as planned, the ownership of Gazprom.
This information, published by Focus Online, was confirmed to the dpa agency in the company Wintershall – BASF “daughter.”
An agreement with Gazprom, which envisages handing over of gas storages under Russian control, was not subject to sanctions, imposed by the European Union on Russia due to the crisis in Ukraine, Focus Online notes. “The matter concerns only implementation of the agreement,” dpa quotes Wintershall Press Secretary Stefan Leunig.
Handing over of the UGS to the Russian monopolist became a part of a large-scale agreement on exchange of assets between the German concern BASF and Gazprom, which was concluded in December 2013 and approved by the European Commission at that time. Within the frames of the agreement, the Russian concern will receive in its ownership three UGS (in Reden, Jemgum, Germany and also Austrian Haidach). And Wintershall – BAFS daughter enterprise – will receive access to development of a great gas field in Western Siberia in 2016, DW writes.

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