Gasoline falls in price at all filling stations in Ukraine

The price of gasoline at all filling stations in Ukraine has declined by 20-50 kopecks per liter in the past 24 hours, the ukrnews24 news site has reported, citing the A-95 Consulting Group.
The price of the most popular gasoline, A-95, at different gas stations fell by 20-30 kopecks per liter. A-92 fell in price by 30-50 kopecks, whereas prices for diesel fuel shrank by 20-25 kopecks per liter.
In addition, the Antimonopoly Committee announced a significant reduction in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel in the near future. This is related to a fall in oil prices on the world market. Thus, the market price of A-95 is UAH 14.1 per liter.
All filling stations will have to reduce prices by UAH 1.5-2 for each type of fuel. As required by the Antimonopoly Committee, the price should stand at around UAH 14 per liter. Filling stations that do not adhere to these requirements will be punished.
The price of crude oil on the world market has dropped almost 30% in the past few months. This would lead to an almost proportional drop in fuel prices at gas stations, according to the report. However, the owners of filling stations continue to earn money, not wanting to lower the price of gasoline and diesel fuel.

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