Gas for population may rise in price fourfold

The National Joint Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine stands for raising prices for gas for population fourfold this year.
The press service of the national joint stock company informed about this.
“Now there is difference (fourfold – Ed.) between the acting prices for population and market prices. It would be advisable to raise it. But we must take a final decision,” the press service noted, whose information is cited by the RBC-Ukraine.
They added that in case of raising prices insolvent strata of population would receive compensation subsidies. “Naturally, this rise will be accompanied with relevant subsidies. Now, both rich and poor families have a right for compensation. But it would be fair if only poor families could receive compensation for rising of prices,” the company said.
The Cabinet, Naftogaz and the National Commission, which carries out regulation in the spheres of energy and communal services, started discussing a possible rise of prices for population. “But we do not know how and when this discussion will end,” the company said.
To remind, September 23, 2014, Energy and Coal Industry Minister Yuriy Prodan stood for the establishment of the market price for gas for population. By calculation of the Ministry, this will enable saving about 1.5-2 billion cu m of gas over the winter heating season. In total, according to Prodan, population consumes about 12 billion cu m of gas over the heating season.

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