G7 to discuss ‘Marshall plan’ for Ukraine, – German Chancellor

Scholz said the outlines of the Marshall Plan for Ukraine would be one of the issues to be discussed by the G7 leaders at their upcoming summit in Germany.

Source: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Scholz hopes for a united front of long-term support for Ukraine. The Chancellor told the German parliament that the restoration of Ukraine would be the task of several generations of Europeans.

Recalling his visit last week to Irpin, a Kyiv suburb that saw intense fighting, he said that “some things there remind not just me of the pictures of German cities after World War II.”

According to him, billions of dollars will be needed to finance Ukraine’s reconstruction over many years, and the long-term plan can only work if European countries, other large donor countries and international organizations work together.

“Aside from funding, one thing is decisive — we must agree on what such a ‘Marshall plan for Ukraine’ can look like. How we coordinate it internationally; how we decide together in the future what investments advance Ukraine fastest on its European path.”

Scholz also stated that together with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen he intended to convene a conference of experts on the reconstruction of Ukraine under the auspices of the German presidency in the G7.

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