French elections: Macron`s headquarters denies accreditation to Russian propagandists from Sputnik and Russia Today

Headquarters of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has denied accreditation to propaganda-spreading Russian TV channels Sputnik and RT, Russian media reported.

In addition to the said TV channels, accreditation was also denied to Ruptly video news agency. As reported, the security denied entry to Macron`s headquarters to RT reporters, RIA Novosti reports.

”Sputnik France editorial staff sent several requests for accreditation to Emmanuel Macron`s headquarters in good time and in accordance with all the rules. However, we did not receive a response from the press service; upon arrival at the headquarters, our correspondent was told that the agency was not on the list. Meanwhile, some journalists were coming without press cards and, nevertheless, their names were reported via the radio link and they immediately passed through security,” head of Sputnik France Natalia Novikova complained.

On the eve of the French presidential election, the Macron team accused RT TV channel and Sputnik agency of spreading false information about the candidate. Moreover, Macron`s headquarters announced that their campaign site suffered cyberattacks launched from Russian territory.

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