First stage of lustration: Government dismisses 39 officials

The Ukrainian government has made the first lustration decisions, with 39 civil servants of higher categories expected to be dismissed.
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said this at a government meeting on Thursday, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“According to the major provision of the law of Ukraine on the cleansing of power, the Ukrainian government in general dismisses 39 individuals of higher categories. Of these, 19 people tendered their resignation, and 20 will be dismissed in accordance with lustration,” he said.
Yatseniuk added that the Cabinet of Ministers had submitted an urgent motion to the Ukrainian president on the dismissal of the head of Kirovohrad Regional State Administration on grounds that he does not meet the criteria of the lustration law.
An urgent motion on the dismissal of ten members of national commissions will also be submitted, he said.
These persons, Yatseniuk said, will not be able to work in government for ten years: “These are the heads of central executive government agencies, first deputy ministers, deputy ministers, members of national commissions, and one head of the regional state administration.”

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