Finance Ministry reports on first verification results: UAH 60 bln can go for illicit social payments

Head of the Finance Department of social programs of the Ministry of Finance Andrey Ryazantsev has told of five groups in the ”black list” of recipients of social payments.
Based on the first results of the verification of social payments, which the Ministry of Finance began in March, about UAH 60 billion of the budget funds can go for illegal social payments, he said.
According to Ryazantsev, the first blacklisted group is social payments on lost passports. This group consists of those people, whose date of a loss of passport was before: a) the opening of a bank account, b) the appointment of social payments.
”We have two versions: either someone else gets social payments on these documents, or these are the same people, having already obtained a new document, but duplicated some types of social assistance… In terms of money – it`s about UAH 500 million a month and nearly UAH 6 billion annually,” Ryazantsev said.
According to him, the second group on the blacklist is the recipients whose tax identification codes are missing, suspicious or canceled.
The third group of risk is IDPs who have property in the government-controlled area.
”We counted 11,924 people out of 191,000 persons checked. Some of them even manage to receive subsidies for this property,” Ryazantsev said.
The fourth risk group also applies to IDPs. It is about 13,150 persons, whose deposits exceed 10 living wages (UAH 13,700). Ryazantsev also reported on the fifth group of citizens from the category of the so-called recipients of subsidies.
”There are direct questions to 115,300 people (out of 2.48 million checked), who acquired property and land worth over UAH 50,000 within 12 months before applying for a subsidy,” he said.
”What is the essence of the current system of social benefits? Its parts do not overlap. This is the main problem. That means that a person can work all his life and not know that someone gets some social payments instead of him, posing as people in need. Centralization of the base of all social benefits had to be carried out long time ago. In 2012, the ministry allocated money for this. In the last two years, there were talks on the creation of a single social platform, the funds for which had already been allocated by the World Bank. However, the launch date has constantly been postponed. Now, we are talking about 2017-2018s,” the official said.
As UNIAN reported earlier, the Ministry of Finance is carrying out an audit and verification of social benefits and their recipients to optimize the system of social protection and social security of citizens. According to former Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko, the verification is necessary to detect abuse, ”dead souls” and mismatches to criteria of receiving social assistance. According to ministry`s estimates, the verification will allow to save UAH 5 billion on budget expenditures, while social assistance will be provided only to those who really need it.

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