Finance Ministry proposes reduction in spending on scholarships

Ukraine`s Finance Ministry proposes the reduction in spending on scholarships for students starting from a new budget year, according to Ukrainska Pravda online publication that has requested the Ministry of Education and Science to provide clarifications regarding the matter.

The Education Ministry informed that the Ministry of Finance had sent an instruction letter to budget holders regarding the preparation of requests for drafting the 2017 state budget, as well as drafts of the state budget for 2018-2019.

The recommendations that were attached to the letter mentioned the required reduction in spending on scholarship payments, according to Ukrainska Pravda.

”The Finance Ministry has informed the Ministry of Education and Science that spending on scholarship payments in the next budget year are envisaged only for pupils and students who are orphans, children with special needs of III group, children deprived of parental care and children of families that receive state support according to the Law of Ukraine ”On state social assistance to low-income families”, as well as postgraduate and PhD students,” the Education Ministry said in its statement.

In case Finance Ministry`s recommendations are taken into consideration when drafting the 2017 state budget, many students of bachelor`s and master`s study programs in Ukraine will not receive any scholarships from January 1, 2017.

The Ministry of Education stated that it was against the initiative, adding that it had not participated in, nor initiated the preparation of regulations aimed at reducing payments of scholarships to pupils and students.

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