Fighting near Stirol plant poses no threat of environmental catastrophe – State Emergency Service of Ukraine

All ammonia from the Stirol chemical plant in Horlivka has been removed, the Donetsk Oblast department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports, according to the Foreign Media Unit of the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) Information and Analysis Сenter. The plant is located in Horlivka, a big industrial city near Donetsk currently under siege by the Ukrainian army. The operation duty department of Donetsk Oblast SESU states that in addition to the removal of the ammonia, the they have not received any emergency calls from Stirol during the active part of Anti-Terrorist Operation near Horlivka.
However, SESU in Donetsk Oblast received an emergency call on July 27 because of reports that an unknown armed group of people had mined the empty ammonia tanks. After any remaining ammonia had been removed from the plant, all employees were evacuated. Currently, only the security service of the plant is on the premises.
On August 10, Stirol spokesman Pavlo Brykov stated that if the plant is hit, it could lead to a spill of a so-called “blood poison”, mono nitrochlorobenzene, that would impact an area of 300 kilometers (186 miles) around the plant. The statement was published on Youtube.
Stirol chemical plant is a potentially hazardous facility and one of the oldest chemical enterprises in Ukraine.

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