Faces of Luhansk terrorists: Russian neo-Nazi sadist

Aleksei Milchakov became infamous in St. Petersburg after he had posted on his social network page photos on which he murdered animals. Yes, he killed with cruelty a puppy and then cut off its head, and after boasting in front of the camera, ate it.

Attention! This content may be inappropriate for some persons. In any case, it is highly not recommended to persons of legal age in 18 years!

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Also, on his page this 20-year-old sadist showed off on his own photos with Nazi and Soviet symbols and statuses in VK filled with extremist slogans and calls to kill animals, homeless people and children.

Russian neo-Nazi sadist3

Milchakov was also an active fan of the football team “Zenit” known by the nickname “Fritz”.



In 2014, he published on his VK page photos on which he took part in fire fighting operations in Donetsk and Luhansk, that he “protected from the Kyiv fascists.

Russian neo-Nazi sadist5
Russian neo-Nazi sadist6

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  1. Oh, please tell me he hasn’t been shot yet. Just tied down… I’d rather watch him be stoned almost to death, then decapitated with that same knife.

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