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Expert explains what emergency state declaration means

The state of emergency, which has been declared on the initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, provides for a set of measures to stabilize the situation in the region.
Former chief of Ukraine’s foreign intelligence service Mykola Malomuzh said this in commentary to Ukrainian media obozrevatel.com.
“Civil-military administrations will be established. The economy of the regions, which are controlled by the authorities and the military, will work to stabilize the situation, to restore housing, providing citizens with water, food, electricity, gas. In addition, the activity of military and law enforcement officers will be enhanced, i.e. patrolling, intelligence and counterintelligence activities. This is a set of civil, social, military and law-enforcement measures,” the expert said.
Malomuzh also added that introduction of the state of emergency required additional human and non-human resources.
“First and foremost, it is machinery, building materials. In addition, the experts will be involved to restore gas supply, water supply. The law enforcement officers will be involved to strengthen control in these regions. Their task will be to prevent sabotage and terrorist attacks, escalation of the conflict. They will also have to suppress separatist and extremist movements,” he explained.

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