European Union will provide Ukraine with other 1,000 generators

The European Commission noted on January 26, 2023, that the European Union would deliver another 1,000 generators and other aid to Ukraine through the logistics hub of the rescEU EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which has already been established in Poland.

Source: The European Commission

“The EU has awarded €114 million to Poland for purchasing generators to be part of this rescEU energy reserve. As a first step, 1,000 new generators from the rescEU reserve in Poland will be delivered to Ukraine, which comes on top of the 1,400 generators and millions of energy items already offered via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism,” explained the European Commission.

As noted, the opening of a new logistics center in Poland will enable international partners and representatives of the private sector to direct aid to Ukraine. The costs of delivering aid from the energy hub to Ukraine will be covered by the European Union.

“The hub is used to deliver power generators to Ukraine, helping the country sustain electricity supply in the midst of Russia’s deliberate attacks on its energy infrastructure,” added the European Commission.

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