EU Parliament to vote in favor of a visa-free regime for Ukrainians until November – Klimkin

Ukraine`s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin expects that the European Parliament will decide on a visa-free regime with Ukraine in the near future, DW reports with reference to Die Welt.

”I expect that later this month or in October, the European Parliament will vote in favor of a visa-free regime, and we will get a positive decision of the EU until November. We have proved that we really held all the reforms that were specified as a prerequisite for a visa-free regime,” the minister said and added that in the fight against corruption, Ukraine carries out every day detentions and the next step will be to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Asked about ways out of the ”dead end” in the process of settlement of the conflict in Donbas, Klimkin said that this is impossible without political pressure on Russia from the EU and ”the whole civilized world.”

”Therefore, it is important that sanctions remain in force until we see the result of the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” the minister said.

Answering the question whether he is afraid of probable easing of EU sanctions against Russia next year, Klimkin said that the distraction from the policy of solidarity with Ukraine ”will have negative consequences for the EU`s self-consciousness.” At the same time, he criticized the EU`s policy toward Moscow, calling ”the absence of a coherent strategy and a common political will” a problem on this issue within the EU.

Klimkin added that Ukraine needs defensive weapons and communications equipment from the West to deter deterioration of the situation in Donbas, and to ”keep Russia on the border” with the uncontrolled regions in the east of Ukraine.

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