EU leaders approved idea of “European Political Community”

The European Council approved France’s proposed idea of a “European Political Community” at a summit in Brussels on June 23-24.

Source: The Chairman of the European Council Charles Michel

French President suggested the European Political Community proposal to the European Parliament on May 9, as the chamber debated Ukraine’s ambition to become a candidate to one day join the EU.

The head of the European Council stressed that the “European Political Community” would not be a substitute for the enlargement of the European Union, and EU leaders sought to answer three questions.

“The first question is why? The idea is to ensure security and stability on the European continent. Next – what? A platform should be created for political dialogue and cooperation with our European partners on an equal footing. And who? In our opinion, it is best to create a format of leaders”, – the chairman of the European Council specified.

He added that the first meeting in the new format will take place in Prague during the Czech presidency of the EU Council.

“And we, together with the French and Czech leaders, will prepare this possible meeting after the summer,” Michel said.


“EU enlargement is a process that, due to its pace and how long it takes, does not allow us to solve everything we need in Europe. And we want this new approach to involve everyone – from Ukraine to Iceland – in working with security and defense, energy, infrastructure, health, economic solidarity, “added French President Emmanuel Macron.

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