EU Foreign Ministers will discuss the transfer of tanks to Ukraine today, – EU High Representative

EU High Representative Josep Borrell noted on January 23, 2023, that the ministers of foreign affairs of the EU countries would discuss the military support of Ukraine. In particular, the transfer of tanks is on the agenda.

Source: EU High Representative Josep Borrell

Josep Borrell noted that today’s meeting of the European Council on Foreign Affairs will be devoted to military aid for Ukraine.

“We will start with the war in Ukraine. We will start with how to continue military support for Ukraine,” emphasized the EU High Representative.

The diplomat added that the ministers would discuss the new tranche of military aid, as well as the level of support, taking into account the commitments that the EU countries undertook during the meeting in Ramstein [an international conference to coordinate further support to Ukraine – ed.].

According to Josep Borrell, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba will take part in the discussion.

Josep Borrell hopes that a political decision regarding the tanks will be made, and a formal one will be agreed upon later.

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