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EU calls to undo the trade blockade of Russian-occupied Donbas

The European Union has called for ceasing a railway blockade in Donbas, which Brussels believes may trigger an energy crisis in Ukraine, affecting civilian population on both sides of the contact line, according to the EU spokesman`s comment to an UNIAN correspondent.

”The blockade of railway connections between the areas under the control of the government and those currently outside of its control goes against the much-needed inclusive approach towards Ukrainian citizens living in non-controlled territory,” the comment reads.

”Those responsible for the blockade must cease their actions and the authorities must address this problem as a matter of priority,” the spokesman writes.

The EU emphasized that operation of major power plants may soon be at risk as the blockade reduces coal supplies from the occupied territories.

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”This could trigger a major energy crisis in the country that would affect Ukrainian citizens on both sides of the contact line,” the comment reads. 

In this regard, the official welcomed the adoption in January by the Ukrainian Government of an Action Plan for certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

”At the same time, more transparency in the movement of goods over the line of control is essential to address illicit trade or smuggling. We encourage the authorities of Ukraine to strengthen their efforts in this regard,” the comment reads.

It was added that the Minsk agreements ”remain the basis for a peaceful and sustainable resolution of the conflict.”

”The EU remains firm in its support to Ukraine`s sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity,” the comment concludes.

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