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Entry into Donbas conflict zone possible only with special permit

From now on entering and leaving the parts of the Donbas conflict zone is only possible through seven corridors by obtaining special permits, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense reported, with reference to the press center of the antiterrorist operation.
According to the press center, effective from January 11, 2015 a person can get into the Donbas conflict zone only by passing through seven transport corridors and showing a special permit. To obtain the permit, a person needs to apply for it by specifying the route of travel and the length of stay in the parts of the Donbas conflict zone. Personal passport and its copy are also required for application. An applicant should provide a copy of a document that confirms the need for a trip to the parts under Ukraine’s control or uncontrolled by Ukrainian government (for example, a document that confirms that an applicant lives in the Donbas conflict area, the information on relatives’ place of burial within the parts of the Donbas conflict zone, documents about the sick relatives living in the parts of Donbas conflict zone, document from employer or other documents).
These documents must be presented directly at the checkpoints. A special permit is issued within ten days. Crossing regime will apply to all people who came out of age.
Entry and exit from the parts of the Donbas conflict zone is possible through designated transport corridors: Luhansk-Shchastia-Novoaidar, Luhansk-Stanytsia Luhanska-Shyroky, Fashchivka-Debaltseve-Artemivsk, Horlivka-Artemivsk, Donetsk-Kurakhove, Donetsk-Mariupol (via Volnovakha) and Novoazovsk-Krasnoarmiysk-Talakivka-Mariupol.

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