Energy Community created an observatory for monitoring the energy market in Ukraine

The Energy Community noted on January 27, 2023, that it launched Ukraine Energy Market Observatory, which would monitor the energy market in Ukraine.

Source: The Energy Community

“In an effort to streamline and consolidate its monitoring functions under the Energy Community Treaty with regard to Ukraine, the Energy Community’s largest member currently suffering from a war of aggression by the Russian Federation, the Secretariat created the Ukraine Energy Market Observatory. The Observatory will closely follow and review all developments related to the energy market and corporate governance in Ukraine,” noted the Energy Community.

It is noted that this will contribute to the further integration of the Ukrainian energy sector with Europe and will contribute to the strengthening of trust in predictable and transparent management in accordance with European practice.

Uaposition memo: The Energy Community is an international organization that includes the countries of the European Union and third countries. The goal of the organization’s activity is the expansion of the energy market of the European Union to the countries of Southeast Europe and others. Member countries undertake obligations in the field of energy, according to which they create a regulatory framework in accordance with the EU Acquis communautaire and liberalize their energy markets.

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