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”Economic iintelligence expert from Moscow” to take part in National Bank audit of PrivatBank`s Cyprus branch

Deputy head of the NBU audit inspection at the Cyprus branch of the recently nationalized PrivatBank was appointed Mikhail Lastovsky, the economist close to the Russian government, co-director of the group on corruption risks analysis at the coordination commission of Russia`s ”Open Government”, that`s according to a creative producer of 1+1`s investigative journalism department Oleksandr Dubinskiy.

”Remember, how president of the Russian state-owned VTB bank Kostin recently conveyed his congratulations and words of support to NBU Governor Gontareva for nationalization of PrivatBank? It turns out, Moscow supported Valeria Oleksiyivna [Gontareva] also with some ”valuable employees”- for example, my sources in the NBU say that Mikhail Lastovsky was appointed NBU`s deputy audit inspection chief in the Cyprus branch,” says Dubinskiy.

According to him, he actually manages the entire process of inspection on the part of the NBU despite his humble position.

”Lastovsky is a Russian, a Muscovite, head of forensics (economic intelligence) at KPMG. He is close to the Russian government – he is a co-director of the group on the analysis of corruption risks in the industry at the coordination commission of Russia`s open government,” the journalist said.

”It is a rhetorical question, why the NBU needs an economic intelligence expert in the Cyprus branch of PrivatBank, which serviced many Ukrainian politicians and businessmen, as well as the question of who has recommended him to Gontareva. Just as is the question, who will be responsible if the whole database of PrivatBank clients leaks to the FSB through people like Lastovsky,” he said.


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