Dutch Senate forms majority to support EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

The majority has been formed in the Dutch Senate in support of the ratification of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, according to BNR.nl.

In addition to traditional supporters of the Agreement – senators from parties VVD, D66, GroenLinks, and PvdA, nine CDA senators and three representatives of CU are reportedly ready to ratify the deal despite formal opposition of their political forces to rapprochement with Ukraine, according to BNR.nl.

CDA Senator Ben Knapen during Tuesday`s debate stressed that the Netherlands should not disappoint their EU allies and also be aware of the Russian threat looming over the continent.

Political correspondent Jaap Jansen confirms that ”there is now a majority in the Senate, and the Agreement will probably be ratified.”

BNR notes that in the next week`s vote, 48 Dutch senators are ready to support the ratification of the Association Agreement, 27 intend to vote against it.

Some members of the Dutch parliament still seem to hesitate in their decision claiming that the association deal will be a stepping stone for Ukraine to swiftly obtain EU membership – something these politicians stand against – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte emphasizes that it is not in fact the case.

”If Ukraine will ever become the member of the European Union, it will not be due to the [Association] Agreement,” Rutte said Tuesday.

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