Draft budget. Main macroeconomic indicators

A forecast of economic and social development of Ukraine for 2015 provides for two scenarios.
This is stated in the draft state budget, which is published on the Verkhovna Rada website.
The conservative scenario, which was taken as the basis for calculation of the budget, involves reducing GDP by 4.3%. At the same time, nominal GDP is projected at UAH 1.721 trillion. The consumer price index (December to December of the previous year) is 13.1%.
In the optimistic scenario, which corresponds to the IMF estimates, the decline in GDP in 2015 will be 2% with an increase in nominal GDP to UAH 1.751 trillion. Inflation is thus expected to be 11.2%.
Budget revenues are planned at UAH 475.24 billion (general fund – UAH 452.77, special fund – UAH 22.46 billion). Expenditures provided in the amount of UAH 527.194 billion (general fund – UAH 502.93, special fund – UAH 24.25 billion.
The maximum amount of the state budget deficit is planned at UAH 63.67 billion (general fund – UAH 49.803 billion, special fund – UAH 13.867 billion).
The Cabinet proposes to define as of the end of 2015 the national debt limit in the amount of UAH 1.17 trillion.

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