Downed Boeing wreckage cut into – OSCE

A member of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s team of international observers, Michael Bociurkiw, has said it appears that part of the wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet downed in Donetsk region had been cut into.
He told this to the BBC World Service, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
“Major pieces, I’m looking at the tailfin… they do look different than when we first saw them, in that they have been cut into,” he said.
He also noted that one main cone section had been almost split in half.
In addition, the OSCE team observed that the cockpit section and part of first class were being cut into with a diesel power saw by uniformed men.
Bociurkiw also noted that OSCE had visited the crash site each day since Friday, though their access to the site was initially very limited.

22.07.2014 17:50

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