Donetsk militants open fire as OSCE monitors try to enter occupied village of Kozatske

Russian-controlled militants of the ”DPR” terrorist organization have opened fire to force the Special Monitoring Mission`s patrol out of the eastern part of the occupied Kozatske in Donetsk region, according to the OSCE spot report.

”At 11:07 on 28 March, an SMM patrol composed of six members and two armored vehicles approached a compound where the SMM had previously observed armed `DPR` members, at the eastern edge of `DPR`-controlled Kozatske (36km north-east of Mariupol),” the report reads.

”When the SMM was about 100m from the compound, an armed `DPR` member a few meters away from the patrol gestured for the SMM vehicles to stop. The SMM stopped and saw eight other armed `DPR` members outside one of the buildings of the compound. Three of them walked towards the SMM. When 30-40m away, one of them angrily gestured for the SMM to leave. At the same time he fired three shots from his assault rifle (AK-47) into the air and then another six toward the ground, a few meters in front of him, while he was facing the direction of the SMM,” the OSCE wrote.

The SMM is reported to have departed immediately and, while leaving, heard another four shots and one burst of small-arms fire.

The patrol arrived at its base in Mariupol safely.

The Mission informed the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination.

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  1. I believe the OSCE is a waste of time, Russia never complies and pressure is placed on Ukraine to laid down their arms., move back. we all know Russia will advance like they always do, to take more ground. Ukraine is entitled to defend its nation from foreign invasion. The OSCE really provides little value to Ukraine while Putin uses them as he pleases.

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