Donbas commander says how long it will take to release Donetsk

Commander of the voluntary battalion Donbas Semen Semenchenko believes that 1-1.5 months are needed for clearing Donetsk from the militants.
He told in an interview to the Focus magazine.
Answering a question about whether it is possible to liberate the city for the Independence Day, the battalion commander said: “As far as I know the situation, this task is unreal… For the stage-by-stage mopping up operation of the [city] quarters about 1-1.5 months are necessary.”
For complete liberation of Donbas from terrorists, according to Semenchenko, no less than two months are needed, but several conditions must be fulfilled for this.
“First, to clean up the traitors, who fused information. Second, to replace those who poorly provide logistics, while shouting “Hurrah!” on the television. If the situation remains the same, we need two or three months to release Donbas,” he said.
But then, the combat added, there is another problem – the terrorist attacks: “Today, many people believe that somewhere out there an antiterrorist operation is held and that’s all. Serious attacks, for example, in Kyiv, can greatly change the overall situation.”
“We need to take concrete steps: we lack equipment to search for explosives, dogs, experts, etc. We need urgently to address these threats,” he said.
05.08.2014 15:11

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