Donbas battalion loses 4 in Ilovaisk assault

The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces on August 10 began to storm pro-Russian militants entrenched in Ilovaisk, however the operation is not over, the Donbas battalion lost four soldiers, the battalion wrote on its Facebook page.
“The purpose of the operation was the capture of the city by storm, destruction of fortified checkpoints of the militants. As of today the operation is not complete and will be continued. The Donbas battalion lost four men. Seven injured. The Azov battalion also suffered losses,” reads a report.
It is also noted that the assault began with the participation of the volunteer battalions Donbas, Azov, Shakhtarsk and the Right Sector, as well as in conjunction with the ATO forces.

11.08.2014 09:38

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