Donbas battalion commander says army almost unchanged

The commander of the Donbas volunteer battalion, Semen Semenchenko, believes that the Ukrainian army has almost unchanged.
He told this to the Focus magazine in an interview.
“I’ll tell you a nasty thing: our army has almost unchanged. The soldiers just psychologically are already ready to fight – it is a big step forward, but as for the rest nothing has changed: structure, organization, logistics at the same low level as before. We should immediately move from the Soviet model to the model of NATO,” he said.
Semenchenko believes that “amid blockade from Western countries on the transfer of military technology and weapons, we have to use the diaspora, even at the expense of smuggling, bribing someone, etc. Now the end justifies the means.”
Speaking of discipline in the Ukrainian troops, the battalion commander said that for the time spent in the ATO area the Donbas battalion changed 20% of the personnel, including “for drinking, for trying to pillage, for excessive cruelty, when people get pleasure from killing, lack of psychological readiness.”
“At the beginning the Donbas battalion was a mixture of a society in which there is always a certain percentage of scoundrels, villains, etc., and in the end I want to get a military unit, which could be proud of,” he said.

05.08.2014 15:26

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