Donbas, annexed Crimea become unfeasible for Russia – expert

While Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes for the lifting of Western sanctions from his country, Moscow has limited its ”corridor of opportunities”, Russian political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin said, according to Krym.Realii.

The expert stressed that more and more, the Russian leadership limits its possibilities of having sanctions eased with each passing day.

In particular, annexed Crimea and Donbas have become unfeasible for Russia, he added.

”Putin`s corridor of opportunities narrows every quarter,” he said.

”The country must be fed, as well as Crimea.

”They have to leave Donbas because it is too expensive to finance it.

”It is impossible to start a war as well, because all are ready for it, everyone is waiting for it and much more rigid and harsh penalties will follow after it,” he added.

”But, at the same time, it`s necessary to keep a victorious face,” Oreshkin concluded.

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