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Detention of deserters on border with Crimea: Russia says SBU ”enticed” troops

The headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has said that the SBU Security Service of Ukraine ”abducted two Russian troops” on the territory of the Dzhankoy international checkpoint.

”At the Dzhankoy checkpoint, the SBU officers used false flag individuals to entice ensign Maksim Odintsov and contract service junior sergeant Alexander Baranov with allegedly giving them graduation papers from Ukrainian universities,” Russian news agency TASS quotes the representative of the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet as saying.

Once Maksim Odintsov and Alexander Baranov left ”the territory of the Russian Federation”, the servicemen were detained by the Security Service of Ukraine and brought to Mykolayiv region of Ukraine, the report claims.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the Ukrainian SBU Security Service said that the two men who had recently been detained at the administrative border between mainland Ukraine and Russia-occupied Crimea were defectors who chose to serve in the Russian army after the occupation.

”These are two Ukrainian soldiers who violated an oath of allegiance and started to serve in the Russian Federation`s army in the occupied territory of Crimea. When they arrived in Ukrainian territory across Chonhar, they were apprehended as criminal proceedings had been opened against them,” SBU spokesperson Olena Hitlianska said.

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