Detained Luhansk mayor tells on Yefremov first

Luhansk mayor Serhiy Kravchenko, detained on August 7, when trying to exit from Luhansk, began to testify.
Journalist Vsevolod Filimonenko wrote on his Facebook page.
“The Luhansk mayor rats out all! Currently the mayor of Luhansk continues to testify, he has already written 40 sheets, basically he tells on Yefremov,” says Filimonenko.
According to him, the arrested mayor pointed out to organizers of his departure from Luhansk, among them – leader of the self-proclaimed LPR Bolotov.
“During the interrogation, the mayor said that he was heading to Kyiv, ostensibly to negotiate something with the President and the Verkhovna Rada Chairman,” the journalist said.
In addition, he said, during a search of the car, by which Kravchenko was trying to get out of the city, USD 200,000 was found, and the mayor himself admitted that prior to him, deputy mayor Zaza Zukhbaya left the city by this very passage, and another deputy mayor Manolis Pilavov remained in Luhansk to coordinate the actions of the militants.
Filimonenko also reports that Kravchenko is placed in a comfortable ward, in which there is even a TV set. Physical force was not applied to the city mayor.
08.08.2014 11:25

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