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Deposit Guarantee Fund reveals Khreschatyk Bank managers` crimes

The inventory of the assets and liabilities of Kyiv`s insolvent Khreschatyk Bank carried out by the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund since it has introduced its provisional administration has revealed numerous facts that could have been the causes behind the bank`s financial losses.
The Fund`s press service reported that the Fund was planning to lodge a relevant application with the law enforcement agencies in the near future for investigation of the crimes committed by Khreschatyk Bank`s top managers.
Thus, according to the Fund, the bank had leased out non-residential premises located at 37 Mezhyhirska Street in Kyiv with an area of over 366 square meters to a private company on unfavorable terms. Monthly payments for the premises were a mere UAH 5,000. The agreement was concluded for a period of three years until December 2016.
Similar agreements were concluded between the bank and the mentioned private company with regard to other three facilities in Kharkiv. There the bank had transferred over 10,300 square meters of non-residential premises with a total market value exceeding UAH 81 million to the company, while the company was paying just UAH 30,000 of monthly payments for the premises.
According to preliminary data, the above-mentioned private company, which concluded asset management agreements with Khreschatyk Bank was connected with the bank`s management.
As UNIAN reported earlier, the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund introduced the provisional administration at the bank after the National Bank of Ukraine declared it insolvent on April 5. The Fund had estimated the amount of compensation payments to be paid to Khreschatyk Bank`s depositors at UAH 2.8 billion.
Khreschatyk Bank has been operating in Ukraine since 1993 and has been one of the twenty largest banks in terms of assets. The bank`s major shareholders are Andriy Ivanov with 37%, Kyiv City State Administration with 25%, Mykola Soldatenko with 24%, and some minority shareholders.
After the introduction of the Fund`s provisional administration at the bank, Kyiv City State Administration said it had made a relevant appeal to the law enforcement agencies and the State Fiscal Service regarding the bank`s bankruptcy on the basis of the minority shareholder right.
Subsequently, the law enforcement agencies had appealed to the National Bank that claimed it possessed information indicating the bank`s involvement in organized criminal activity.
On May 27, the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund suspended payments to depositors of Khreschatyk Bank to finalize the list of depositors entitled to compensation during the liquidation of the bank.


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