Denmark calls on EU to prepare for Russia ‘hybrid war’

The EU should fight Russia’s “hybrid war” using coordinated energy policy and media to counter “massive propaganda,” Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard has said in an interview with Reuters.
“I cannot imagine that Russia would dare to disturb the Baltic countries or Poland or any NATO member,” he said, when asked whether Denmark saw Russia as a threat.
“It’s also clear that there is a new kind of threat. I wouldn’t call it military, necessarily; it’s a hybrid war where you have massive propaganda, provocations, stimulation of groups inside other countries, which is not warfare but which is something very hostile and close to warfare,” Lidegaard added.
In his opinion, a single energy market will be one defensive front in Russia’s “hybrid war.”
“If we prioritized the energy issue and targeted that both in Europe and in Ukraine, it would be an enormous step forward and a very non-aggressive way to show Russia that the consequences of their politics are expensive,” he said.

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