Denmark allocates a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth $140M

The Ministry of Defense of Denmark reported on March 15, 2023, that the Danish government would provide Ukraine with a new package of military aid with a total cost of 1 billion Danish kroner (over 140 million dollars).

Source: The Ministry of Defense of Denmark

The military aid package includes, among other things, ammunition for small arms, heavy machine guns, anti-tank mines and missiles for air defense.

“I am very happy that a broad majority in the Danish Parliament stands together to help Ukraine with its fight for freedom. It is a large donation package of DKK 1 billion kroner, which we send. Ukraine lacks ammunition, and the donation package, therefore, contains material that Ukraine has very specifically requested. I am proud that we in Denmark can meet that wish,” says the Defense Minister of Denmark Troels Lund Poulsen.

The donation package includes:

  • ammunition for handguns: 5.56mm ammunition for handguns;
  • additional donation of 12.7mm heavy machine guns;
  • an additional donation of the larger quantity of anti-tank mines;
  • propellant charges, arrestor tubes and incendiary tubes for 155mm artillery ammunition;
  • an additional missiles for air defense;
  • 21 bomb disposal robots;
  • purchase of non-lethal material via NATO for up to DKK 100.0 million;
  • 15 military generators;
  • 8,000 pieces of hats and 15,000 sets of rain gear;
  • 9 mobile workshops for the repair of larger military vehicles;
  • 6 hangar tents.

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