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Deficit of Ukraine`s balance of payments in first two months estimated at US$229 mln

The deficit of Ukraine`s balance of payments in January-February 2017 was estimated at US$229 million, whereas in the same period last year Ukraine posted a $46 million surplus, according to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

Preliminary estimates show that the deficit of Ukraine`s balance of payments in February 2017 alone shrank to $27 million, which was mainly due to the growth of net revenue on the financial account, the NBU said.

At the same time, the deficit of the current account in February grew to $399 million because the growth of exports slowed.

In particular, exports of goods in February slowed to 20.9% year-over-year, which shows that the temporary effect of a low reference base in January ended.

As UNIAN reported, Ukraine`s balance of payments in 2016 demonstrated a surplus of $1.346 billion, which was 1.6 times up on an $849 million surplus in 2015. Ukraine saw a surplus for the second year in a row, after a $13.3 billion deficit in 2014.


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