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Default does not threaten Ukraine – Yaresko

Despite the difficult economic situation, default does not threaten Ukraine, such a forecast is not even discussed.
New Finance Minister of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko told an interview in Focus.
“We do not have either pre-default or default situation. Today, this issue is not even discussed in the government. Although, nobody conceals that the situation is very difficult, Ukraine needs urgent stabilization of the financial system, including the banking sector,” she said.
Yaresko believes that former Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak coped with all difficulties, therefore a ground is prepared in the country for stabilization of the economic situation.
“Believe me, budget deficit is less than 4% of GDP – this index is not bad, taking into consideration annexation of Crimea, continuous war in the east and the economic crisis… All could be much worse,” the Finance Minister noted.

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