Congress of European Nazi parties in St Petersburg, Russia

On Sunday, March 22, 2015, at the pro-Kremlin International Conservative Forum in St. Petersburg (Russia)   gathered  people of  15 different countries. Among participants the Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn and Udo Voigt from the German neo-Nazi NPD, nationalist parties from Belgium (Euro-Rus), Bulgaria (Ataka), Denmark (The Danes), Italy (New Force), Spain (National Democracy), Sweden (Party of the Swedes) and the UK (British National Party).

Aleksei Milchakov, the the neo-nazi sadist who fights for one of the illigal republics in Ukraine, as he says  “protects from the Kyiv fascists” and so-called “foreign minister” of the terrorist republic “DPR” (“Donetsk People’s Republic”)  Aleksandr Koffmann were also present.

The event was organised by Russia’s Rodina party that has Russia’s Deputy PM Sergey Rogozin in its party lists.

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