China willing to strengthen friendship with Ukraine

China is ready to look for a “point of mutual interest” with the new Ukrainian government.
China’s Ambassador to Ukraine Zhang Xiyun said this on Friday, an Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“There is mutual commitment and mutual readiness to continue the existing cooperation. And, as there is now the new government, the new leadership in Ukraine, which, of course, sees a strategy for the development of their country in a new manner, we are ready to find a point of mutual interest in those areas of bilateral cooperation where it will be more interesting to work together than individually,” the diplomat said.
According to him, China is willing to further strengthen friendship with Ukraine.
“Let’s be friends, let’s collaborate and work together with the Ukrainian government, Ukrainian people and Ukrainian business,” the ambassador said.
He also expressed confidence that very good and real results can be achieved next year in cooperation between the two countries.
“The two presidents [of Ukraine and China] have agreed that our Chinese-Ukrainian bilateral cooperation should have concrete results and citizens of China and Ukraine should really see with their own eyes and feel the real results of our joint work,” Zhang Xiyun said.

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