China to repair collapsed bridge in Kyiv and build new one near Kremenchuk

Ukrainian delegates led by First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv and China Road and Bridge Corporation`s management have agreed in Beijing on the reconstruction of Kyiv`s Shuliavsky overpass and the construction of a bridge near the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk, according to the Ukrainian government`s portal.

The total budget of the two projects is estimated at US$400 million, Kubiv said.

He proposed preparations under the projects be completed no later than September with further conclusion of loan agreements and the signing of a contract with the corporation.

”An ad hoc group is about to be set up to draw up these investment projects in detail. It will include representatives of the Economic Development Ministry, the Infrastructure Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and [the State Road Agency of Ukraine] Ukravtodor,” Kubiv said.

Earlier, a section of Kyiv`s Shuliavsky bridge broke away on February 27, causing limitation of traffic. There were no human casualties, but one car was damaged.

The Shuliavsky bridge was last overhauled about 30 years ago. The ramshackle bridge has been in critical condition for several years. Fires that broke under the bridge several times caused some damage to its concrete beams. 

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