China interested in modernization of state coal mines in Ukraine

Chinese-based Sany Heavy Industry has shown interest in the modernization of Ukrainian state-owned coal mines with the high degree of machinery and equipment wear and tear, according to the Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Ministry`s website.

”Chinese companies have shown interest in upgrading Ukrainian coal enterprises. During a visit to China, representatives of Ukraine`s Energy and Coal Industry Ministry held talks with Sany Heavy Industry and reached an agreement on cooperation in the modernization of the coal industry,” the ministry said.

Following the talks, the sides signed a memorandum on cooperation in coal industry modernization.

”The implementation of the planned measures will improve the technical condition of the coal-mining enterprises, significantly boost domestic production due to advanced technologies, as well as will contribute to meeting the needs of the national economy for high-quality domestic coal products,” the ministry`s press service added.

Earlier, the state-owned mines in Ukraine account for less than 20% of total coal output in the country. They also report the high degree of equipment wear and tear and related accidents. After an accident in Lvivvuhillia`s mine No. 10 Stepova in early March when eight workers were killed and over 20 were injured, the government initiated safety inspections at all the state-run mines.

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