China calls new NATO strategy “irresponsible”

Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian said that the new NATO strategic concept adopted at the Madrid summit is “irresponsible” and “encourages conflicts.”

Source: Chinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian

“NATO’s so-called new Strategic Concept document disregards the facts, confuses right and wrong, smears China’s foreign policy, and makes irresponsible remarks about China’s normal military development and national defense policy. China is seriously concerned and firmly opposed to this, NATO is encouraging confrontation with its Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice.”

“NATO should immediately stop groundless accusations and provocative remarks against China, and abandon the outdated Cold War mentality,” he said, urging the world’s largest military alliance to stop seeking “absolute security and the dangerous act of disrupting Europe and the Asia-Pacific.”

In the adopted NATO document was stated that The People’s Republic of China (PRC)’s stated ambitions and coercive policies challenge NATO interests, security, and values, regarding its strategy, intentions and military build-up.

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