Chaly: Russian ‘humanitarian aid’ to be delivered to border only

A Russian “humanitarian aid”, sent today to Ukraine, will be delivered only to the border, and then its movement will be accompanied by Red Cross representatives, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Valeriy Chaly told reporters in Kyiv on Tuesday.
“We do not consider any movement of the Russian convoy on the Ukrainian territory. This delivery must undergo the usual procedure: delivery to the border, customs formalities in the transit area. Then – customs clearance. The Red Cross is responsible for that, it coordinates and delivers this aid. The cargo will be reloaded onto the vehicles leased by the Red Cross, the official,” said.
However, he noted that Ukraine takes responsibility for the security of the delivery, and will not allow any military escorts, including by representatives of the Russian Interior Ministry.
The attempt to cross the Ukrainian border will be regarded as an act of aggression, Chaly emphasized.
“It would be too much – allowing Russian trucks even without drivers to cross the border with Ukraine. We are ready to take all this aid on trucks, which are leased by the Red Cross. And Ukraine is ready to help with the customs procedure. Therefore, we do not see any possibility of allowing Russian trucks to cross the Ukrainian border,” Chaly concluded.

12.08.2014 15:19

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